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Spirit of Bali

Hindu religion is a very integral part of daily lives in Bali.  That is why there is a myriad the symbolism of good and evil throughout their religion and culture. 
Astonishing  musical performances and traditional dance are an important and culturally stimulating part of Bali. The Balinese Dance uses multiple levels of articulations in the face, eyes, hands, arms, hips and feet and is coordinated to reflect layers of percussive sound. It has become a way to share their vastly rich culture with the rest of the world through inter-cultural relations and education, and a way to preserve and pass down this vast heritage to their children.

Bali life

Beneath The Surface

Bali is a tropical paradise. It is a beautiful destination with its golden and black beaches, clear turquoise water full of marine life. You can experience this beauty by snorkeling in shallow coral gardens, or discovered the underwater world of Bali by diving. This enchanting underwater marine garden has been thriving and has remained relatively untouched. You can experience fish and coral not found anywhere else.

Bali ocean

Wooden Sculptures

Balinese wood carvers are extremely talented and take great care in their crafts. Their wood carvings are finished in natural wood tones or hand painted with intricate detail and dazzling colors; wood carvings from Bali will amaze and delight you. Many unique and beautiful carvings have been produced for the tourist industry. From life size teak figurines, masks, animals, religious figures and mythical creatures to functional carved wooden furniture. The most often used material  for the woodcrafts in Bali are; sugar wood, mahony wood, albizia wood, crocodile wood, sandle wood,  etc…

Bali wood sculpture

Balinese Painting

Up till the last 60 years or so, much of the paintings were primarily used for religious or ceremonial purposes and was a visual narrative of Hindu-Javanese epics as well as indigenous stories.
Balinese painters produce beautiful scenes from rural life in every facet/aspect of their art and each village has evolved a style of its own. Their art consists of many different styles; Oil painting, water colors, and famous batik paintings.
In Bali, each village has established a reputation in its part of Balinese art. Ubud and Batuan are known for their paintings, Mas for their woodcarvings, Celuk for gold and silver smiths, and Batubulan for their stone carvings.

Bali paintings


Balinese Jewelry

Arts and crafts are a significant part of Bali culture, and among their artisans is a community of highly skilled silversmiths. Bali is known throughout the jewelry world for its sterling silver beads and jewelry. Balinese silver has a unique look to it, distinguished by its use of soldered granulations and twisted wiring. Their handcrafted jewelry is a popular take-home gift.

Bali Jewelry

Balinese Baskets

Baskets, bags, bowls, and boxes of every shape and size even table runners and placemats are a plenty in the market place. These basket weaving artisans create such intricate and beautiful pieces. Many come from the ancient Aga village of Tenganan, although these beautiful baskets come from all over Bali. When you buy a piece you are taking home a unique piece of Bali heritage.

Bali Baskets

Silks, Kites, Bags & Souvenirs

Bali has a most interesting cash of souvenirs from hand made beautiful silks, fabrics, hand crafted kites, and woven tapestries and bags. You will be able see in each village their specialty. Textiles and hand-woven fabrics from all over Bali are especially beautiful. Artisans make eye-catching wall hangings, sumptuous sarongs and scarves, many featuring the traditional batik design.

Bali kites, sarongs and bags