bali mask


Visit the beautiful South Pacific island
of Bali on a fully guided tour.

Loads of fun activities included;

  • Balinese flowers bath and whole body scrub with Balinese massage
  • Visit at one of Ubud Museum
  • Batik lesson
  • Experiencing Laughing Yoga class two times
  • Tour of the fresh food market
  • Traditional Balinese home cooking class
  • Tours of small and large Hindi temples
  • Tour of the Water Palace
  • Visit at Coffee, Fruit and Herb Plantation
  • Head and Shoulder Creme bath
  • Two traditional plays, featuring elaborate costuming and Balinese dancing and music
  • A day at the Elephant Sanctuary
  • Basic Qi Gong class
  • Tour and Lunch at famous John Hardy Jewelry factory
  • Plenty of touring around the island to see villages, cultural and historic sites, and nature centers
  • Project at a local elementary school - optional

There will be plenty of free time for relaxing by the pool, on the beach or in your cottage gardens or for shopping at the local market places and shops.

PS....meals are a special experience!!!

Tour dinners

Optional - not included in the price activities: reptiles or birds park visiting, snorkeling and scuba diving (including training), additional Balinese whole body massages at your room, at the garden or on the beach, ionic detox, healing massages, facial rejuvenating massages, manicure and pedicure, motor bicycle rides, sailboat rides, and fish feet-exfoliating.