Bali Baskets


We make sure that you will have
plenty of time and opportunity
to shop for gifts and souvenirs
on your Getaway to Bali!

Below you can see a photo of some of the common gift and souvenir items available in Bali. All of these are made in Bali. There are craftsmen and artists throughout the island. The Balinese have a long history of carving in wood and stone, making of fabrics, batiking, weaving of fine baskets, and working in gold and silver and stone for jewelry. While you can buy most of these directly from the artists, in the local markets or shops, some of the best buys are in the villages. Whether in city or village, you can often meet the artist or craftsman and watch them at their work. The most often used material  for the woodcrafts in Bali are; suar wood, mahony wood, albizia wood, crocodile wood, sandalwood,  etc… Sometimes you can request an item to be customized especially for you.

Bali shopping