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We have arranged for a variety of activities for you to enjoy the cultural, historical, and natural splendor of Bali with plenty of time to pamper yourself.

bali culture Bali has an exceptionally rich and unique culture and heritage. During our trip we introduce you to Balinese art: paintings, music, sculpture, food, fabric and many more.

Bali has its own unique, traditionally built Hindu temples. Their beauty will amaze you with unique shapes, colors and materials with influence from China, India and Buddhism. You will feel as though you are in a fairy tale!

Bali Temples
Bali beach Bali has a natural beauty featuring lush tropical forests, majestic volcanic mountains, and lovely beaches and coral reefs.

Bali is a very spiritual place. Throughout the entire island we can find holy places which are helping locals to clean themselves from daily sins and where they can purify their body and spirit. We will have the privilege of participating in a cleansing ceremony at the Holy Cleansing Spring Waters; a very profound experience.

Holy Cleansing Spring Waters
chocolate factory

We also have something for your palate to enjoy and remember forever: the treat of Balinese organic chocolate. Charley shows us all the steps of its production. You also can watch the production of organic soup and candles. Smells to remember forever…And the view is to die for.

The Balinese are well prepared to pamper you. We offer different massages every second day so you can experience various techniques and relax after busy days of visiting Bali.

Bali massage
Bali elephants

Unique to island of Bali, elephants are waiting to give you the ride of your life.  
We take you to the Elephant Safari Park where we spend a few hours riding an elephant, watching an elephant performance and shopping at the elephant gift store. All of this helps support the owner in saving more elephants from Sumatra and other islands, where elephants are dying of starvation and for other tragic reasons.

Balinese housewives are eager to teach and feed you traditional home-cooked Balinese food. We learn how to prepare our own healthy basic Balinese lunch which energizes your body and enhances your spirit. It’s amazing to see how much love is put into each dish. Balinese cooking is an art for sure.  Bon Appetite!

Cooking Class
Qi Gong

To improve the flow of your body’s energy, ZD teaches you basic Qi Gong in a step-by-step class. This exercise is very simple to learn yet very effective in preventing many illnesses because it moves your internal energy, strengthens organs, and clears your mind. ZD hopes you be able to continue Qi Gong exercises on your own at your home. It takes only a few minutes, but the long-term benefits are amazing. Enjoy!

Master Nyoman is ready to show you how to make unique Balinese batik paintings the traditional way, and you will be able to create your own personal souvenir.
Our participation in Master Nyoman’s class also helps this very talented and humble artist with putting his son through university.

Balinese Batik
Bali theatre

Elaborate performances of ordinary citizens of Bali, either at a theatre or in the villages, are the only ones of their kind! We offer two theatre outings: Barung and Legung traditional Balinese dance and music performance and Chanting Dance called Kecak. This performance is done either by a group of men or by women. Both are breathtaking experiences.